[MEMO] Reflection on the video: Principles

  • Principle
    • Everything has principles, and principles are smart ways to deal with recurring phenomena.
    • Draw principles through reflecting on mistakes.
    • Principles can help avoid making the same mistakes.
  • Ep1: You need to think for yourself about what is true
    • Independent thinking
      • What do you need to do yourself?
      • Summon up the courage to do it.
  • Ep2: Embrace reality and deal with it
    • Truth is the essential foundation for producing good outcomes.
    • hyper realism
      • Dreams + Reality + Determination = A successful life
    • Recognizing reality is to discover and accept one’s weaknesses and failures, and then reflect. Feel the pain, every pain is an opportunity for learning.
      • Pain + Reflection = Progress
  • Ep3: The five step process
      1. Goal: Understand the goal and strive towards it.
      1. Problems: Find the problems that hinder the achievement of goals.
      1. Diagnosis: Identify the root cause of the problem, [[Elevate critical thinking]].
      1. Design: Design a solution to solve the problem.
      1. Do it: Execute the plan and move towards the target.
      1. Repeating continuously.
  • Ep4: The abyss
    • To manage risks and returns, one must accept the reality that high returns come with risks, and find a way out in reality.
  • Ep5: Everything is a machine
    • Everything is a cycle.
    • Handle things according to their respective categories.
  • Ep6: Your two biggest barriers
    • Ego, Blind spots.
    • Self makes people unwilling to admit mistakes and unwilling to change.
    • Blind spots make it difficult for people to see the truth.
    • No one can see the whole truth alone, people cannot appreciate what he cannot see.
  • Ep7: Be radically open-minded
    • Replace proving oneself right with learning what is true.
      • Find people who are good at thinking but do not agree with their own views, and move forward together with insightful individuals who have different perspectives on things, in order to discover what is the truth.
      • Do not concern yourself with their conclusions, only see things through their eyes and let them see the whole picture through my eyes.
    • Find a common mission and work with an outstanding group of people, being 100% honest and transparent.
  • Ep8: Struggle well
    • Real thinking, what brings setbacks, learn from lessons.
    • What we pursue is just bait. The process of striving for it will enhance our abilities. The abilities, experiences, and principles gained during the process are the most valuable wealth.
    • Working with a group of intelligent people is more enjoyable.
  • Everything is a cycle, broken machine parts will enter the next machine system and become new parts.